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ATV Adventures from Argyle Lake Lodge

There are several different directions that you can take and explore many different destinations right from the Lodge.  There is an abandoned Gold Mine nearby, An old pit mine, waterfalls and an old Hydro Dam.  Several different trails allow you to take a different loop that will return back to the Lodge without retracing your steps down the same trail.  Pack a lunch and spend the day exploring the beautiful scenic northern wilderness.  

Here are some pictures from one of our many ATV adventures with our friends.

Preparing for a day trip of ATV riding.

Everyone is getting lined up and ready for a day trip on the ATV's.

Gas up your ATV, get refreshments and snacks!  

Make sure you have plenty of gas, refreshments,
snacks and some hotdogs for lunch.

Following each other on the ATV trail!

Following each other on the trail and enjoying the sights!

Having a campfire for lunch while out ATV riding!

A great spot on lake Matachewan to stop and enjoy hotdogs
 over a campfire for lunch.

Waterfalls at a stop while out ATV riding.

Showing the kids the waterfalls at Lake Mistingon.

Water Dam at Mistinigon Lake.

What do you think Jasper?

Water crossing at the whitefish river while ATV riding.

Crossing the Whitefish River on the way back to the Lodge.

Group picture after day of ATV riding.

Look at all the happy faces!  I think everyone had a great time!

It looks like everyone wants to go somewhere else tomorrow!

We'll have to get the maps out and maybe put some information into the GPS for another trip tomorrow.

Photos provided by our good friends Ralph and Rosie Bosse.

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(Nature sounds courtesy of William Barklow "Voices of the Loon".  North American Loon Fund.)